COBRA Administration

Eliminating the stress of COBRA compliance with one system and one team you can trust

Businessolver’s® COBRA Administration Services are provided from the same system that manages your employee benefits program. That means no files, no integrations.

Let us take the headache — and the hassle — out of COBRA administration.

More than 80% of Businessolver clients use our COBRA Administration Services, which includes compliance, documentation, communication, and payment collection. It's all done through our single-source platform, Benefitsolver®, which means your COBRA information will be in the same place as your enrollment and eligibility data.

With Businessolver COBRA Administration Services, you can be sure your COBRA-eligible members get access to the insurance coverage they’re entitled to, elect, and pay for – without having to deal with the challenges of self-administered COBRA or file exchanges with yet another vendor. You can trust that your members' valuable COBRA data is protected and that our COBRA administration services provide the compliance and accuracy you need.

We've got you covered

Simple enrollment

Easy, online enrollment in COBRA-eligible plans.

Automatic notifications

Efficient and complete Web-based processing of all required COBRA notifications, elections, and terminations.

Payment options

Flexibility in employee payment options; choose to pay online or through the mail.


One system with no file exchanges needed.


Legislative and regulatory updates; monthly reports and notifications.

Your one stop benefit solution

Track the employee lifecycle

Benefitsolver tracks the life cycle of an employee from hire to retire. This means we are there from initial enrollment and life events, to termination and COBRA administration. With that, the historical information and documentation around each event is stored and tracked on the employee’s record — with critical COBRA-related information available at-a-glance. This simplifies the mandatory 1095-C reporting, as separate interfaces are not required from the COBRA administrator.

Automated enforcement of key deadlines

By automating much of the compliance requirements, Businessolver gives employers the peace of mind that comes with knowing their COBRA solution is compliant, and consistently administered. Non-payment scenarios are systematically enforced based on client-determined deadlines, along with paid-through date reporting, to restrict claims to valid only.

Online enrollment

Ensuring that people have access to their COBRA coverage is essential. You want to remain compliant while also providing employees a seamless process as they depart. By offering online enrollment, we remove room for error and processing times.

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