Navigating the challenging legislative environment so you don’t have to

As part of our mission, we actively monitor the everchanging legislative, regulatory, and judicial environment so we can proactively respond and ensure our system meets compliance demands.

Helping our clients manage ACA reporting, COVID-19 tracking and more 

The Businessolver ACA Compliance SuiteSM brings the power of three compliance solutions together with industry-leading benefits technology to deliver a single solution. The flexibility of our ACA compliance tool enables you to choose the pieces required to help you maintain compliance — now and into the future. 

Businessolver’s ACA StatusTracker is hours tracking software that allows you to configure your measurement, stability, and administrative periods, track overlapping initial and ongoing employee periods, and then apply determined eligibility status directly to employees’ records within the same technology. ACA StatusTracker also delivers ongoing reporting with a wide range of services to help with compliance requirements related to ACA. 

In addition to our ACA compliance services, we also offer a secure COVID-19 tracker, site accessibility, QMCSO, and ongoing compliance updates.

Our ACA Compliance SuiteSM provides a flexible solution to your ACA compliance challenges


The configurability of ACA StatusTracker allows you to define the length of the initial measurement period, from 6 to 12 months, as well as when measurement begins — either date of hire, the first of the month, or first pay period following date of hire.

Administration & stability

When the measurement period is complete, our robust application will calculate the average hours, taking into account all of the possible variables. If eligible, employees will be able to elect benefits right from our platform, and they'll have access to the plan rules as you have defined them.

6055/6056 reporting

Businessolver has developed several flexible options to support a variety of reporting needs. The core offering is storage of data required for 6055/6056 reporting. You also have the option of adding fulfillment and transmittal services.

Additional Support
  • Support distribution of exchange notices
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Auto enrollment
  • Collect coverage waive reasons
  • Assist with various ACA appeals
  • Provide W-2 reporting data
  • Assist employers with providing required
  • Summary of benefits and coverage information

Our Compliance services go beyond ACA

The COVID-19 Tracker can be configured quickly, providing a much-needed, secure method of tracking vaccine status, exemptions, and weekly testing for employees and providing necessary communications for requirements and reminders. Our administrator dashboard makes it simple to track your organization’s mandate progress. 

Benefitsolver® is compliant with applicable Section 508 V2 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 A and AA guidelines. This means our platform is accessible for impaired employees who need assistive devices or more time in the system. We made a significant investment to ensure Benefitsolver is not one-size-fits-all, but rather meets the needs of all our users.

Businessolver supports both administration and qualification of court-ordered dependents (QMCSOs). Upon receiving a QMCSO order, Businessolver will configure the employee’s account so they cannot make any change impacting the dependent. The employee can still use the self-service functionality; however, the employee cannot view the dependent address, drop coverage on the dependent, etc.

Disclaimer: Businessolver configures and updates ACA StatusTrackerSM services at the client’s direction. The client is responsible for all compliance requirements. Businessolver provides ACA status tracking tools and information, which may be used by the client to assist with reporting and compliance needs. However, Businessolver is not responsible for ensuring the accuracy, completeness, or final compliance of client with respect to Employer Shared Responsibility Final Regulations (79 FR 8543), or other applicable laws and regulations.

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