Consumer Accounts Administration

Creating educated consumers of healthcare

Consumer accounts play a critical role within your healthcare and cost reducing strategies and when properly designed can minimize negative financial impacts associated with high deductible plans, improve employee engagement, and enable them to become better consumers of healthcare.

Put your Administrative challenges to bed

At Businessolver®, our extensive experience in consumer accounts administration has helped us identify critical pain points on the data and timing challenges that often accompany these products. Our MyChoice™ Accounts solution removes the need for HR personnel to manage multiple systems and vendors for employees’ consumer accounts. Seamlessly integrated with Benefitsolver®, it means simplified funding and financial reconciliation, and a streamlined payroll deduction process as well as reporting, since it features automated data exchange. And, with instant CIP processing, opening HSAs is simplified and streamlined, vastly reducing the need to reconcile accounts after elections have been made.

To make this experience possible, Businessolver has partnered with UMB Bank as its custodial banking partner. UMB Bank is a healthcare banking industry leader, providing support for nearly 1.5 million HSAs, with more than $3 billion in HSA assets and deposits.

Consumer Accounts Administration services that count

With MyChoice Accounts, employees can manage all of their benefits — including HSAs, FSAs, HRA and Commuter — from our easy-to-use technology solution, Benefitsolver. That means fewer errors, fewer hassles, and more individual ownership, helping employees stay in control of their healthcare dollars.

At the end of the day, we want to educate your employees to increase participation, contributions and knowledge – all so they can make better healthcare purchasing and saving decisions.

We help your employees invest in their health

MyChoice Accounts

We support enrollment in HSAs, HRAs, commuter, flex spending accounts and employer programs such as fitness reimbursement

Drive participation

Benefitsolver® and the MyChoiceTM Mobile App offers the perfect toolset for communicating and helping employees understand the value of consumer accounts

Less headaches

No more hassles from HSA openings, with instantaneous CIP processing


A bank-like experience with simplified funding and reconciliation through automated data exchange

Trusted security

Improved data security as all data remains within the Benefitsolver platform

Managing their money

Employees can access their consumer accounts through Benefitsolver to view claims, transaction history, balances, submit receipts and more.

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