Enrollment & Eligibility

The backbone of your benefits enrollment

Nothing is more important in benefits enrollment software than having timely and accurate data management built into your online benefits administration platform.

Our online benefits enrollment and administration platform, Benefitsolver®,  delivers today and is ready for tomorrow

Benefitsolver delivers a SaaS-based benefits administration solution that empowers employees to effortlessly enroll based on eligibility which is determined on the same platform and within the same technology. It’s a total benefits enrollment system that works for everyone — HR and the people you support.

Our technology is built on a single code base, this means data integration is seamless, and security is rock-solid between the platform and your other enterprise systems, vendors, and carriers.

We deliver an enrollment and eligibility experience that is a cut above the rest

Right benefits, right time

Our rules-based configuration gives you the power and flexibility needed to support your complex benefits program. Thanks to this robust configuration, Benefitsolver will only present employees with the options they are eligible for.

Self-service done right

Employees can access Benefitsolver 24/7 to enroll in their benefits during their new hire and annual enrollment periods, as well as to make any midyear changes for life events.

Worry-free enrollment experience

Benefitsolver was built to prevent missteps during the enrollment process, making sure an employee always understands what is required of them to activate their coverages.

Benefit cost transparency

Throughout the enrollment and upon completion, employees are provided an enrollment summary highlighting each of their elections and their costs. Giving employees a look into the total budget required for their benefits as well as the amount their employer is contributing toward their total rewards.

Seamless integrations

Employee elections and other relevant information will be automatically transferred to the carriers without manual intervention. This means you don’t have to do a thing, just sit back and let us handle it.

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