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Rising healthcare costs and healthcare reform have thrust private health insurance marketplaces, also called private health insurance exchanges, into the limelight as smart strategies for controlling and distributing healthcare costs.

Businessolver has supported marketplace solutions almost since the day we opened our doors

It’s an example of what we mean when we say we’re committed to helping our clients grow and succeed. In fact, we've been supporting several distinctly different health insurance marketplace models for clients. We define these private exchange models as: Packaged Model, Limited Carrier Model, Co-op Model, and Open Market Model.

Private insurance exchange models owe their success to input from consultants and brokers, and four main factors


With choice comes the ability to evaluate which product fits the specific needs of the individual, including cost, coverage, and reach. Our MyChoiceSM Recommendation Engine technology enables consumers to cut through the challenges related to the purchase of insurance and can help them find the right options within your private insurance exchange.


As consumers, we expect shopping for everything online — from electronics to benefits — to be educational, enriching, and pain-free. We expect technology to help us simplify the process of choosing. The days of transaction-only benefits enrollment are gone.

Defined contribution

What employers get with defined contribution is simple: the ability to budget. A consistent trend of rising healthcare costs has provided the perfect environment to redefine the idea of defined contribution. Employers gain the ability to create a consistent benefits budget. Employees get to make their own choices and spread their benefit dollars as they see fit.

Single source solution

A solution through a single source partner like Businessolver® supports all of the healthcare cost-controlling mechanisms: product choice, consumer support, and the ability to budget through defined contribution.

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