Payroll Management

Delivering peace-of-mind through accurate payroll solutions

Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your payroll data is accurate and timely.

Make payroll deduction reporting a breeze

Benefitsolver® does the hard work for you, automatically compiling payroll deduction data with each benefits election or change made in the system. The resulting data is sent via automated reports back to your payroll system. You don’t have to do a thing.

Our payroll solution operates directly within Benefitsolver, which means all payroll rules, file generation, and historical information is tracked on the same platform as your eligibility data, making Benefitsolver your one-stop benefits solution. You’ll be able to easily compare data, identify discrepancies, and create adjustments within the same technology.

Our payroll processes bolster confidence through:

Closed loop payroll

Benefitsolver provides closed loop payroll — allowing clients to run a real-time comparison of their deductions report from their payroll system in Benefitsolver, providing that additional layer of quality assurance for your peace of mind

Full transparency

Benefitsolver’s Payroll Dashboard allows you to view control totals and full output files to ensure payroll data accuracy. You’ll always have full insight into the data impacting your members’ paychecks.

Web-based tools

Benefitsolver automatically populates each payroll file based on transactions that occur during the payroll timeframe, while also offering web-based tools for adjustments and arrears processing when needed.

Integrated pay calendars

Whether your organization has one pay calendar or numerous, each pay calendar is configured directly within the system. We ensure each payroll file only includes the data relevant to each employee’s pay calendar and your pay schedules.

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