Payroll and Billing

Delivering delight and peace-of-mind through our payroll and billing solutions

Managing benefits payroll, billing, and carrier invoicing is fast and easy with Businessolver®.

Make your billing and payroll a breeze

Businessolver® simplifies billing reconciliation by generating self-bills based on carrier wash rules (including plan eligibility and billing rules such as cut-off dates and retroactive limits). The result: a trustworthy and streamlined process that solves your billing challenges and saves your organization time and money.

Benefitsolver® sends automated payroll deduction reports back to your payroll system. Our payroll functionality operates out of Benefitsolver, which means all payroll rules, file generation, and historical information is tracked on the same platform as your eligibility data, making Benefitsolver your one-stop benefits solution.

Our payroll and billing processes are second to none

Closed loop payroll

 Benefitsolver provides closed loop payroll — a unique feature that allows clients to run a real-time comparison of their deductions report from their payroll system in Benefitsolver.

Full transparency

Benefitsolver’s Payroll Dashboard allows for an audit of files coming to and leaving the system.

Web-based tools

Benefitsolver offers web-based tools for benefits billing and financial reporting to deliver reconciled bills that are easily reportable.

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