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Saving you time and money with verification services that get it right

Let's face it, many companies are paying to cover ineligible employees and dependents, and lack the time or resources to verify or audit them.

Cover those who should be covered

Dependent eligibility verification can cause stress among employees who may think you don’t trust them, leading to disengagement and a ripple effect of consequences. Despite all of that, you know how important dependent eligibility verification is — and how important it is to get it right. You know your company’s bottom line depends on it.

Our dependent verification services save time and money

Automated communications

We manage the fulfillment of verification letters as required.

Review documentation

We combine our intelligent applications and image recognition software with a dedicated team to ensure your employee’s documentation is processed quickly and accurately

Ongoing services

When new dependents are added, we manage the verification required and process the transaction.

We do more than just Dependent Verification

Evidence of Insurability (EOI) verification

We monitor pending EOI requests when the carriers are limited to paper-only EOI processes and approve or deny the transaction upon receiving a decision back from the carrier.

Life event verification

Businessolver can set up life events to send for verification. We work with you to determine the appropriate documentation required for each event type and manage the communication and approval process within Benefitsolver.

Condolence verification

Businessolver’s condolence administration services are designed to assist the family of the deceased — including dependents — with what is a very stressful time, and remove dependents from coverage at the appropriate time.

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