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You spend months creating an employee benefits strategy that you know is the right fit for your organization, but how do you drive buy-in and, more importantly, results? One word - engagement.

Engage your organization in a year-round, personalized benefits journey

As benefits become more complex, and the options more diverse, HR departments are forced to work harder and craft more creative benefit packages to boost recruitment and retention efforts. But no matter how much time and effort you put into your benefit offering, if your workforce doesn’t understand it or, more importantly, if they aren’t using the benefits to their full potential, then the time, effort and retention strategies fall short. Effectively communicating your benefits package and engaging your workforce in how to use their benefits successfully is vital to your continued success and ultimately your healthcare outcomes.

Businessolver’s data-driven engagement solutions deliver results

To deliver effective communications, it must start with data. Using our single-source platform, Benefitsolver, our team leverages traditional communication components in a new way. We use data that is inherent to the Benefitsolver system to create personalized benefits messaging that not only increases an employee’s understanding, it also meets them where they want to be met.

Ultimately, we want to help you create engagement throughout the year that drives better healthcare outcomes, increases benefits literacy, improves program participation and leads to a happier and healthier workforce.

What our engagement tools mean for you

Creativity with purpose

Our strategic, engagement consultants assist in creating branded, personalized communications to help drive your communication strategy and encourage actionable results.

Automated & targeted

Benefitsolver delivers automated, targeted communications based on specific events in the system. You don’t have to chase down those people who haven’t enrolled, the system will do it for you.

Drive enrollment

Our highly configurable system allows you to drive brand awareness throughout your benefits portal and increase enrollment in your strategic initiatives.

Data driven

Benefitsolver makes it easy to send communications, tailored to a specific group, using real-time data that already lives within the system, outside of any one event.

Tailored packages

Just like your benefits are not one size fits all, neither is your budget. We have tailored engagement packages to meet your need today and tomorrow.

What our engagement tools mean for your employees

Communicate total rewards

Elevate your total rewards strategy by showcasing your hidden paycheck and maximizing the value you bring to your employee’s day-to-day.

Done on time

Tailored communications driven by the system means your employees get necessary paperwork in on time, so there is no lapse of coverage.

Multiple delivery options

We meet your employees where they want to be met — whether by text, email or print.

One stop shop

Bring all your benefits communications to one place, creating a greater understanding of how your benefits work together and increasing opportunities to extend their value.

Access to MyChoice

Our MyChoice suite of tools including our Mobile App and Recommendation Engine provide your employees with access to their benefits on the go and the education to select the best fit benefits.

Let us take your engagement strategies to the next level

We preach right benefits, right place, right time, engaging in a year-round, personalized benefits journey for your workforce. Total Rewards is no different. It should be an engagement strategy used year-round, delivering an opportunity to increase awareness, understanding and maximizing value. With a short labor pool and a desperate need to retain top talent, delivering on Total Rewards year-round is no longer a want but a need.

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As the leader in Benefits Administration Technology, Businessolver has managed over 20 years of employee enrollments and engagement. Our subject matter experts mix technical knowledge with expertise in creative communications to offer you Studio B, our in-house creative consultants team.

At Studio B, we believe in meeting your employees where and when they want to be met, without the incomprehensible jargon. By providing innovative communication plans, we can cater the right message to the right group at the right time. The Studio B team leverages system expertise, data macrotrends, strategy planning and resources to deliver successful targeted benefits-related messaging.

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