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Engaging your employees through targeted and personalized communication

You spend months creating a benefits strategy that you know is the right fit for your organization, but how do you drive buy-in and, more importantly, results? One word - engagement.

Delivering branded, personalized messaging to drive employee engagement in your benefit offerings

Annual enrollment is a stressful time. Employees are doing their once-a-year review of benefits that will affect them for the next 365 days. During this time, it’s essential that your employees are not only enrolling in the benefits they need, but also providing the documentation required for those coverages to activate. Instead of tracking down each employee and document on your time, Benefitsolver®’s communication tool, Action ManagerSM, is your solution.

Engage your employee population

Action Manager helps you deliver effective communication to your employees, when they need it most. With multiple delivery options including text messaging, email and print, we ensure your employees meet the requirements to activate their coverage and truly understand the benefits you have hand-picked for them, while saving you time and money.

But it’s not just about annual enrollment; Benefitsolver’s robust communication tools allow you to engage your employee population year-round.

What our communication tools mean for you

Automated & targeted

Action Manager delivers automated, targeted communications based on specific events in Benefitsolver. You don’t have to chase down those people who haven’t enrolled, the system will do it for you.

Drive enrollment

Our configurable layout tools allow you to drive brand awareness throughout your benefit portal and drive enrollment in your strategic initiatives.

Get Creative

Benefitsolver can create branded, personalized emails to help drive your communication strategy and encourage your employees to take action.

Go beyond

Our Action Manager OnDemand service goes beyond the base model and allows you to send communications, tailored to a specific group, using real-time Benefitsolver data, outside of any one event.

What our communication tools mean for your employees

Communicate total rewards

Communicate your total benefits and compensation package through our Total Rewards Service - available in print and online.

Done on time

Tailored communications driven by the system means your employees get necessary paperwork in on time, so there is no lapse of coverage.

Multiple delivery options

We meet your employees where they want to be met — whether by text, email or print.

Reference center

Your employees will have access to benefit guides, carrier contact information, and more in their very own Reference Center, tailored to their needs.

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