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Providing your employees access to their benefit information, when and where they need it

Businessolver® sees the future of benefits administration inextricably linked to the future of technology. So in shaping our future vision, we look no further for inspiration than the explosive growth in digital technologies particularly those that are mobile-enabled. 

With our MyChoice Mobile App, your employees have all of their important benefits information in the palm of their hand

Nearly 80% of American adults own a smartphone, open that device more than 80 times per day, and use it for more than 4 hours each day. Businessolver understands your employees lead busy lives, and in this age of smartphones, they expect the information that is most important in their life to be available when and where they need it.

With the MyChoice Mobile App, users can check their benefit details to confirm they are covered for that unexpected surgery, access their ID cards at the doctor’s office, or add their new spouse after walking down the aisle.

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Manage your benefits on the go

Right benefits, right place, right time

Mobile enrollments are up and more people are looking to manage their lives from their phone. The MyChoice Mobile App provides your employees with the ability to enroll in and manage their benefits while on the go.


In addition to the MyChoice Mobile App, Benefitsolver is mobile-optimized which means you can access your benefits portal from any device, anywhere.

Hi, I'm Sofia!

Did you know that Sofia is available on our MyChoice Mobile App? Sofia is our personal benefits assistant who provides real-time support to members with their benefits questions. She uses machine learning to answer your employees' questions and is available 24/7, every day of the week.

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