SofiaSM Personal Benefits Assistant

Transforming the enrollment experience with our personal benefits assistant

Our industry-first personal benefits assistant, Sofia, transforms the benefits experience in a new, personalized way that meets your employees' needs.

As an extension of our service center team, Sofia is standing by to provide a high-touch, personalized experience for your employees

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to look for learned patterns and predict future developments, Sofia answers your employees' benefits questions when and where they need it most.

One size does NOT fit all. Sofia was created to meet your employees where they want to be met, on their phone in our MyChoiceSM Mobile App, or from the comfort of their home using our proprietary benefits administration platform, Benefitsolver®. Using text-to-text response or voice recognition, she provides personalized front line support for your employees’ benefits questions and concerns.

Revolutionize the way you and your employees interact with benefits

Businessolver® has heavily invested in an Applied Data Science team to lead our system innovation and drive disruption in the benefits technology space. So what’s next? Sofia is going to revolutionize the way you and your employees interact with benefits. Imagine having Sofia provide your real-time benefits data with the sound of your voice, or enroll your members in their plans through simple commands. Join us on the journey of delivering ground-breaking technology that puts people first. That's Technology with Heart.

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What Sofia means for you

Machine learning

She uses natural language processing and machine-learning to grow smarter with each interaction and provide more complex answers over time, meaning fewer questions coming to you.

HIPAA compliance

Your data is secure, because we created our own back-end systems to ensure that Sofia is HIPAA compliant.

Sentiment analysis

You don’t have to worry about “the machine.” Using sentiment analysis, Sofia can help detect the emotion behind a call/chat to ensure that your employees are getting the service they not only need, but deserve.

More time

To put it simply, with Sofia as your first line of defense in delivering great service, you have more time to manage your day-to-day.

Tailored experience

She can access a customizable glossary that can be tailored to your organization and include important phrases and definitions that are specific to you.

What Sofia means for your employees

She’s smart!

She is a great resource for benefits questions and how to navigate the system.

Available 24/7

This makes her perfect for those who have questions outside of 9 to 5.

Zero wait times

Sofia is available immediately, so employees don’t have to wait for an email to be returned or someone to be in the office to get their question answered.

Always ready

She is available when and where you need her — from your desktop or on the MyChoice Mobile App.

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