The Businessolver® Way

Without people, technology is nothing more than a possibility

Technology is the nerve center of what we do. But, it’s not the heart. That comes from our people.

The Businessolver Way

Our culture is intentional, and it’s built on focus, mutual respect, a desire for excellence, accountability, and a passion for our work and team. We start every work day with employees across the company participating in Team Standup meetings where we communicate, educate, celebrate, and ensure that everyone is focused on the key initiatives that drive our business and delight our clients. This is one of the ways we stay connected and live “The Businessolver Way.”

We work hard, we play hard, we double-down to get it done. And we have a ton of fun in the process.

They don’t call us Solvers for nothing.

Our common language

We use the acronym R-TABLE to describe our table stakes that are required:

R-Respond readily
T-Trust through transparency
A-Assume positive intent
B-Be real
L-Live a growth attitude
E-Embrace the reverse golden rule*

*Treat others as they want to be treated.

Reality-based leadership

Businessolver is weaving the concept of “living in reality” throughout the organization — from executive leadership across to all Solvers. This philosophy trains employees in new skills for better leadership and career planning, and helps ensure that we are all committed to being responsive, responsible, and accountable as we deliver delight to our clients.

Each employee takes Cy Wakeman’s reality-based curriculum (virtual training and classroom training) to ditch the drama and succeed in spite of our circumstances. We put significant time and energy into this. Since the program’s inception in 2018, Solvers have completed: 10,000+ hours of virtual and classroom training.


Technology with Heart

In the war for talent, benefits are a key focus in the recruitment, engagement and retention strategies of savvy employers. To produce the desired business outcomes for their organization, today’s Human Resources department must become the strategic partner it was always meant to be: leading the organization toward its shared vision while mitigating risks associated with employee benefits.


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Workspace Anywhere: our remote-first model

We learned a lot during the pandemic, including that Solvers felt just as productive—if not more so—working remotely.  

Thanks to the strong foundation we built through the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, we were able to move 100% of our workforce to working from home in mid-March 2020. 

Our monthly employee “pulse surveys” collected in the months that followed demonstrated that Solvers weren’t just surviving the shift to working remotely—they were thriving! In fact, employee engagement improved by 5% over the previous year. 

And thus, Workspace Anywhere was born. Solvers now enjoy contributing to our mission—and our culture—from their home offices, their decks and patios, and even their RVs. 

Go ahead, celebrate!

Congratulations and recognition for a job well done. A shout out for an anniversary or milestone. Awards for embodying our core values. At Businessolver, we find lots of reasons to celebrate each other.

Here are a few examples:

  • Each quarter, every Solver is given a bank of points to award to others who have done great work. Recipients save up for prizes like swag, fitness gear, or tech gadgets.
  • Our online merit app, The Road, lets us give each other virtual badges for living our Core Values, being an everyday hero, and for achievements that impact our organization and clients.
  • Solvers celebrate milestone anniversaries (5-year and 10-year), by running a ‘High Five Hot Lap’ around their office and then treating everyone onsite to their favorite appetizer of choice (on our dime, of course).
  • We also love celebrating birthdays, babies, and so much more!
Who we are

We are a technology company filled with real people, solving real problems, every day.

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