When it comes to operations excellence, we’re our own best critic

We understand that how we deliver services has a real impact on your business and your people. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. In fact, it’s what drives us.

Santa isn’t the only one checking it twice

Client quality at Businessolver® means ongoing, stringent validation throughout the client lifecycle, beginning with onboarding and continuing throughout the relationship.

Our goal: To ensure we can provide a kind, consistent and high-quality experience for our clients and members.

  • We check and validate key business processes regularly.
  • We augment ongoing quality assurance with regular system testing and validation.

Transparency in action: the CTQ

Through critical-to-quality (CTQ) reviews, we “inspect what we expect.” CTQs are company-wide process adherence checks done by an agnostic team of quality sleuths who peek in all the corners to see how we performed on mission-critical tasks.

Critical-to-quality reviews:

  • Completed weekly
  • Results posted throughout each Businessolver location
  • Ensure accountability and promote continuous improvement

Baldrige: boldly going where no one has gone before

Businessolver is the first benefits administration provider to engage in the Baldrige National Performance Excellence program, a rigorous exercise that provides organizational assessment tools and criteria for continuous improvement of key business processes across Businessolver. The Baldrige journey is arduous:

  • We develop a comprehensive application based on the Baldrige framework criteria.
  • The application is reviewed and validated on-site by third-party examiners.
  • Based on the examination, we receive feedback on our strengths and our opportunities for development and improvement.

"Baldrige provides us the framework for running our business. This is more than about quality—it is about proving we do what we say we do!"

- Rae Shanahan, Chief Strategy Officer

Root cause analysis…and beyond, with DMAIC!

While zero defects is the goal, we know 100% perfection all the time isn’t attainable. But, that doesn’t stop us from trying to constantly learn and improve. 

Understanding root cause is important, and Businessolver uses the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) data-driven improvement cycle for remediating and stabilizing internal processes to:

  • Understand the issue and why it is important
  • Determine why it happened
  • Put measures in place to avoid recurrence

Enhancing our quality know-how through internal certification

We believe that, behind any issue, there’s an important improvement waiting to be born. That’s why we use DMAIC as our formal tool for team-based improvement.

We are constantly seeking to get better, and that means cultivating additional Solver problem-solving skills through targeted development using yellow, green and black belt certification projects.

The more quality-trained Solvers we have, the better our outcomes, and the higher the level of service to you and your members.