Helping you do more with less while boosting productivity. 

What's in it for you?

As strategic partners in profitability, HR professionals are uniquely qualified to positively impact their organization’s bottom line, especially in the manufacturing industry. By selecting the right benefits administration partner, HR can demonstrate that their department is just as efficient as the people, processes, and technology on the production floor.

When it comes to benefits administration, doing more with less is defined by:

  • Long-term results in efficiency (the total cost of “owning” your solution throughout the contract period)
  • Employee engagement (robust decision support and ongoing communications tools)
  • A commitment to achieving quality standards (like the Baldrige Excellence Framework)

Sound familiar?


When the Whistle Blows: Keep employees engaged on or off the clock with a total rewards solution.

Manufacturers can leverage benefits to boost retention rates. But this only works if your employees have a clear picture of all the benefits you provide. They can’t appreciate what they can’t see.

The value of those benefits is a struggle in the manufacturing industry. At an estimated 25% employment engagement level, the manufacturing sector trails the national average by 8 percentage points.

Everyone wants an “easy button,” especially manufacturers. To help your employees fully understand and appreciate their benefits, it helps to have a real-time total rewards solution—a program that provides each employee with a complete view of their entire benefits and compensation package with just a few taps on their cell phone.

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Solutions to meet your challenges

Automated reporting

Real-time data keeps you on top of plan performance and engagement.

Cloud-based web and mobile tools

Employees can view plans, enroll, and update personal data, at their convenience. We protect the data, but make it easy for people to access, wherever they are.

MyChoiceSM Recommendation Engine

Fully educate your workforce about their benefits and provide easy-to-use tools to guide them toward confident and cost-effective benefits decisions.

Compliance and security support

Requirements are constantly changing, and they are anything but simple. With expert advice and guidance, along with best-in-market administration solutions, we support all your requirements needs.