Pooled Insurance Groups

Providing a consistent experience, despite complexities.

Consistent structure and supportive service to drive efficiency and growth for trusts, associations, and resellers. 

Since 2002, Businessolver® has provided technology and consulting to clients nationwide in support of different pooled models—commonly understood to be an umbrella organization with multiple entities rolled up underneath, generally with access to different plans, rates, eligibility rules, and communication requirements. 

Long story short, these groups are complex. And we’re just fine with that. 

  • 30% of our client base includes pooled insurance groups and resellers. 

  • Those clients comprise an average 14,000 employee lives per group

We’re here to help you meet your unique needs—whether you need a team of builders, or just the blueprints.

Too often, “pooled groups” get, well … pooled together as having the same needs, goals, and strategies for employee benefits. However, we understand there are clear swim lanes, so to speak, for trusts/associations and resellers—and we’ve structured our product and service offerings accordingly.  

Using innovative, highly configurable software backed by high-touch customer service, we can enhance benefits delivery by seamlessly supporting multiple, diverse, and changing member groups. 


Resellers: Tools to help you ramp up, resources to expand your base

We understand and respect the drive to “control your destiny” as a reseller, so our primary product and service offering is designed to help you do just that.  

  • Level up from legacy/proprietary technology. At today’s accelerated business pace, every moment and dollar counts—especially when it comes to the user experience around technology. We give you the freedom to lease our system—while outsourcing system build and maintenance—to offer your clients a best-in-class, enterprise-level employee experience to even the smallest employer group. 

  • Support to expand your base. You want to grow—and we want that for you. Which is why we give you all the sales enablement resources (including solution sheets, compliance information, and more) you need to expand your client base while also offering you access to administrative and networking support via our personal benefit assistant SofiaSM and our online client community Heart2Heart. Plus, you can carve out pieces of the system build and maintenance as you see fit for your unique needs.  

Trusts and Associations: Stabilization for today, strategy for the future

As you strive to meet the needs of the member groups that make up your trust or association, take a step back and look at the rapidly evolving expectations of employees. To attract and retain member groups, you must help them attract and retain talent—we understand this, because we’re doing the same. Outsourcing can help you gain stability and efficiency to achieve: 

  • Rate predictability to ease billing. Consistency in program management, plan rules, and monthly carrier billing processes drives predictability for you and your members with fiduciary liability. We assume monthly billing to each member group to ensure carriers are paid accurately—every time. This rate and billing predictability gives you the stability to grow your pool with sustainable intention.  

  • Future-proofing for strategic growth. Speaking of growing with sustainable intention, our platform is supported by a team of benefits and compliance experts who are always aware of legal and strategic shifts in the benefits landscape. Which means, you will always be aware as well—and able to toggle on and off different capabilities within Benefitsolver® to meet the specific needs of your pool and its various employees.  

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Solutions to meet your challenges

One umbrella, multiple brands

Within the pool, each member group has the option to offer resources branded for its employees. This includes a branded website, employee messaging, and much more.

Single-source solution for compliance, billing, and financial reporting

A single source solution for eligibility management and carrier billing drives data predictability, accuracy, and transparency into financial and compliance status for your board and those members with fiduciary and/or compliance responsibility. 

Reporting automation

Each member group can pull real-time, nuanced data reports online to show plan performance and engagement—always in a clear, boardroom-ready format.