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Delivering a better experience with strategic partnerships

Your clients trust you to lead the selection and delivery of their benefits administration. They rely on you to curate and deliver quality solutions to help them meet their strategic organizational goals. We take that commitment seriously.

As a broker, advisor, or technology consultant, you know your clients and what they need. We know how to deliver empathy-driven, technology-forward benefits administration. Together, we can deliver a first-class experience.

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Unique needs need a unique solution

We have a deliberate focus on building out strategic relationships to deliver personalized benefits solutions to our mutual clients. Our all-encompassing ecosystem allows us to work closely with you to surround your clients with the tools they need to deliver on their goals while at the same time giving their employees access to best-in-class care.

It’s all in the alignment and execution. Just as our clients have different needs and goals, we know our partners do as well. Our partnerships aren’t built for a one-size-fits-all template. We treat every potential client partnership as a unique circumstance, to help you strategically deliver specific benefits strategies.

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Streamlined benefits administration

Our technology is built on a single-code base, this means data integration is seamless, and security is rock-solid between the platform and other enterprise systems, vendors, and carriers.

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Embedded consumer accounts administration

Our MyChoice Accounts solution removes the need for HR personnel to manage multiple systems and vendors for employees’ consumer accounts. Seamlessly integrated with our benefits technology, it means simplified funding and financial reconciliation, and a streamlined payroll deduction process.

An innovative approach to reimbursement accounts

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Integrated voluntary benefits enrollment

With an integrated decision support tool, our MyChoice Recommendation Engine is not just providing a medical recommendation but rather a bundle of plans that takes in the individuals ‘whole person’ to include critical voluntary and consumer accounts that cushion a financial burden.

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24/7 Service & participant support

Whether a participant wants to call or chat, we have service options to meet every individual. Chat with our personal benefits assistant, Sofia, for real-time response or call our benefits experts within our Service Center, to ensure each individual receives the support they need and deserve.

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Rental Car Company Puts the Brakes on Benefits Spend

When business changes, we’re here to collaborate with our clients and leverage our exclusive connections to help meet organizational benchmarks. See how one client saw costs decrease and benefits strategy advance by leveraging Businessolver and our exclusive partners.

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Working Together to Provide your Clients Strategic Value

As a consulting and advisory professional, you know better than anyone that showing solid business value outcomes and positive impacts are critical in driving leadership buy-in of benefits administration vendor decisions. That’s why we’ve partnered with an industry leader in Strategic Value Assessments to deliver top-tier analyses of the business value outcomes and impacts our solutions can deliver to your clients.

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