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We're in this together

You know your clients and what they need. We know how to connect their employees with their benefits using a simple and time-saving technology. Let us help you provide a first-class experience for benefits administration, benefits activation, and more. We can also help clients find cost savings with their voluntary benefits through streamlined integrations and our Pinnacle Partner program.

Transforming the benefits experience

We’ve been delivering market-changing benefits administration technology for over 20 years. And with a 95% client retention rate, we know we’re doing it right. Our solutions and services transform the annual enrollment experience into a year-round personalized journey that will make your clients heroes.

We’re the platform that can help make your benefits strategies a reality. Alignment of efforts equals strategic business outcomes, and with Businessolver, you have the opportunity to design and deliver benefits plans based on your clients’ needs.

We're in this together

As we grow our own business, with a deliberate focus on building strategic partnerships and delivering market-changing technology and innovative high-touch services, we’d like to help you grow yours. After all, we serve the same clients: employers who need help delivering quantifiable business outcomes for their employee benefits investments.

What's in it for you?

It’s all in the alignment and execution. Just as our clients have different needs and goals, we know our partners do as well. Our partnerships aren’t built for a one-size-fits-all template, which is why we want to know how we can help you with your specific benefits strategies. Our goal is to truly align with you to deliver the results your clients are seeking. And our award-winning benefits administration technology and innovative high-touch services will deliver client delight all year long.

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Solutions to meet your challenges

An approach that drives business growth

By building a partnership around your clients’ needs, our solutions help them drive outcomes specific to their business goals.

Service that leads to retention

Our business is grounded in empathy and built to deliver delight. Each client has a team committed to providing a level of service and support that ensures both client and member satisfaction.

Technology that delivers results

By partnering with Businessolver, you’ll offer clients innovative and award-winning technology that eases benefits administration and increases employee engagement, maximizing the return on their benefits investments.

Transparent, actionable data

Our actionable data allows your clients to make real-time decisions that help drive desired outcomes. We are fully transparent, giving administrators complete access to all employer records to and demonstrating the personal accountability that is a cornerstone of our culture.