LiveKinnect Integrations

Connecting your employees to their benefits with seamless integrations

Creating connections is at the core of what we do. We connect employees to their benefits and clients to administrative tools. So it only makes sense that we also create connections with carriers and service partners.

LiveKinnectSM is our solution for advanced connections, both inbound and outbound, from Benefitsolver® to third party systems

Benefitsolver was built with an open network architecture design to promote HR software integrations. To date, we have not found a system we cannot integrate with. We champion several types of connections to ensure your employees have a positive and easy-to-understand experience when in enrolling in their benefits. This includes advanced connections to simplify complex underwriting processes, like evidence of insurability (EOI).

Creating connections is what we do

LiveKinnectSM API

Our LiveKinnectSM API allows outside carriers and vendors to make real-time connections (or calls) to and from our system. This facilitates controlled communication when information needs to be passed back and forth between systems.

LiveKinnectSM web services

This advanced connection allows information to be passed back and forth automatically and immediately, in a secure environment. By using this service, we create efficiencies in EOI decisions, and more importantly, protect the employee’s information.

LiveKinnectSM Single sign-on

With our Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities, employees and their information are securely passed into another system without the hassle of re-entering authentication information.

LiveKinnectSM hosted

This connection allows for enrollment in specific plans within Benefitsolver, with no need to link out to carrier sites during the enrollment process or gather additional underwriting information.

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