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Consumer accounts are a great way to stretch your paychecks – whether you’re covering out of pocket medical expenses, provider visits, lab work, glasses, or dental work. There are also specialized accounts that your organization may offer to offset childcare or elder care expenses or commuting expenses. This site is your one-stop shop to get answers about your MyChoice Accounts – from eligible expenses to IRS limits.

A “One-Wallet” Approach to Benefits

Every dollar counts, and at MyChoice Accounts, we want to help you maximize your contributions and your savings. How much should you contribute and how should you spend it? Keep exploring this site to get answers to your questions and put your hard-earned money to work for you.

If you’re an employer looking for more details about account administration, click here.


Flexible Spending Accounts
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Health Reimbursement Arrangements
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Health Savings Accounts
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Lifestyle + Goal Accounts
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Commuter Benefits
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How can I spend my funds?

The IRS determines medical, dental and vision expenses that are eligible with a healthcare FSA as well as a medical HRA that allows eligible items as listed in IRS publication 502. Over-the-counter treatments and feminine care products are now included in the eligible item list.

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