MyChoice Accounts

Built for Today’s Consumer, Ready for Tomorrow’s Demands

The MyChoice Accounts team is here to make your consumer accounts experience easy, whether you need information on flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs) or health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), plus other accounts to help you with commuting expenses, adoption, tuition and more.

A “One-Wallet” Approach to Benefits

Employees need to understand how every benefit dollar is working for them. Our embedded enrollment and engagement solution for consumer-directed healthcare accounts helps our clients and participants alike simplify and optimize their healthcare spend. Having all of your healthcare coverage in one platform increases awareness for employees and streamlines benefits administration for your team.


Flexible Spending Accounts
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Health Reimbursement Arrangements
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Health Savings Accounts
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Lifestyle + Goal Accounts
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Commuter Benefits
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How can I spend my funds?

The IRS determines medical, dental and vision expenses that are eligible with a healthcare FSA as well as a medical HRA that allows eligible items as listed in IRS publication 502.

New items for 2020 include over-the-counter treatments and feminine care products, due to the CARES Act.

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