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The AI Power Couple: How Sofia and ChatGPT are Elevating the Benefits Experience (Again) 

The AI Power Couple: How Sofia and ChatGPT are Elevating the Benefits Experience (Again) 
Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 by Sony SungChu

Businessolver integrates ChatGPT into Sofia’s existing AI framework to revolutionize the end-to-end employee benefits experience. This AI partnership takes benefits self-service and personalization to the next level. 

From online shopping to entertainment and social media, personalized experiences have become the norm. Digital consumers expect real-time, seamless assistance on chat, over the phone, and however they choose to engage—all highly-tailored to their specific needs and preferences. 

Sofia has been actively working to meet consumers’ needs since 2017 by leveraging her first-to-market benefits AI and natural language training on 25 years of benefits chat and transcription data.  

In 2022, Sofia handled over 2.1 million chats—more than a third of them after hours on evenings or weekend—with a same-day resolution rate over 90%. This is a huge indicator of employees’ desire to engage with their benefits and the success of benefits-centric AI in helping them do so efficiently. 

This year, Businessolver’s AI-enabled virtual assistant is getting an incredible makeover with HIPAA-compliant ChatGPT 3.5. The future of benefits is personalized technology, and AI is sitting in the driver’s seat as we evolve today’s benefits technology into an end-to-end personalized experience.  

End-to-end benefits personalization is critical for end-to-end employee engagement 

The integration of ChatGPT means Sofia’s AI capabilities are now fully integrated across the entire Benefitsolver platform and into the service center phone system. The entire experience is shifting from “general UX best practices” to “dynamic personalization” as Sofia and the rest of Businessolver’s technology stack leverage data to prioritize relevant and useful information from enrollment to checking HSA balances to calling in to the call center for help with a complex benefits question. 

AI helps create a truly individualized interaction at every touchpoint by parsing data to understand employees’ unique needs and behaviors. We also call this getting to the “question behind the question.”  

Finding the root of employees’ needs brings them one step closer to taking action whether that be seeing their primary care provider, following a treatment plant, or using telehealth services. 

Members without personalized experiences are less than half as likely to log in to their benefits portal throughout the year: 46% of employees log in 4 or more times after enrollment when personalized communications are available, compared to only 20% without personalized services. 

Delivering HIPAA-compliant AI technology 

Businessolver’s benefits AI efficiency does not come at the cost of member privacy. Secured by Microsoft, the Azure OpenAI service protects personal health information like any other benefits administration platform.  

ChatGPT will help with the technical lift, pre-processing messages for sentiment and complexity, before serving that data back to Sofia through a secure, closed-loop process. Though Sofia will still respond with the same exceptional benefits knowledge, this AI partnership allows ChatGPT to inform Sofia of multiple-part questions and nuanced emotional states to improve the overall member interactions.  

Simply put: Members’ data won’t make it outside of our secure system and into the broader OpenAI data lake; ChatGPT is just here to help with the technical lift using Benefitsolver’s proprietary and HIPAA-compliant technology. 

The surprising empathy of artificial intelligence  

Done right, AI can improve more than efficiency and truly create an experience that makes people feel pampered.  

Artificial intelligence doesn’t judge, can’t get frustrated, and is available whenever and wherever needed. But with training, AI can learn to respond empathetically to each user, even when they’re experiencing a frustrating benefits situation. 

For example, Sofia can discuss health topics in 27 different languages, meaning members get benefits answers in their native language. Health care is already costly and confusing and language barriers are no help in the matter. For the millions of Americans speaking a language other than English at home, AI-enabled benefits administration is a game changer.  

Increased AI capabilities reduce the friction at every point in the benefits journey. What’s more empathetic than making it easier than ever to find affordable, quality care for exactly what’s most pressing to the individual? 

At Businessolver, we put people at the forefront of our vision to change the healthcare landscape. AI allows us to provide a human-level of quality service to each member 24/7.  

With greater emotional intelligence, ChatGPT gives Sofia an infusion of empathy to create an exceptional health care experience. 

Thanks to Chat GPT, both HR efficiency and benefits engagement flourish.