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Innovation, support, and ease of benefits delivery are critical for you and your clients. We work closely with our Reseller Partners to provide the tools and resources you need to create a superior benefits experience for your customers.

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When you work with us, you’re backed by a team of experienced benefits and technology professionals with access to industry-leading benefits technology.

We give you the freedom to lease our system–while outsourcing system build, integration, and maintenance. With millions of lives on our platform across all industries, your customers will have access to enterprise-level technology at the forefront of innovation.

We know growth is top of mind for you. That’s why we’ve curated a full suite of sales-enablement resources designed to help you expand your client base. Offer your clients a best-in-class technology solution to manage the benefits administration experience across any group size.

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Streamlined reporting

Our built-in reporting tool generates on-demand and custom reporting so your clients can analyze and track their data in real time and leverage insights to improve their benefit plan and engagement strategies.

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Improved billing

Our system provides your clients full transparency throughout the entire process so they can keep track of the resources and data flowing in and out of their system, all while maintaining end-to-end accuracy and consistency.

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COBRA administration

We provide automated COBRA functionality that’s fully integrated into our system, making off-boarding, life events, and employee communications less burdensome.

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Employee self-service

We built our technology with the employee experience in mind. You can work with your clients to leverage the advanced functionality of our system with tools like decision support, mobile access, and Sofia, our AI-powered virtual benefits assistant, all while building a better employee self-service experience.

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