2023 Empathy Webinar

Putting the “Human”
Back in Human Resources

Businessolver’s 2023 State of Workplace Empathy data revealed that HR is reaching their breaking point. Double-digit declines in perceived empathy of their CEOs, employees, and organizations is feeding burnout, mental health issues, and a growing empathy gap. Want the highlights? Listen to our audio-only recap on the blog.

CE credit information for HRCI and SHRM can be found at the conclusion of the recording.

2023 State of Workplace Empathy Special Report

Chief Empathy Officer: How CEOs Can Emphasize Empathy in Their Workplaces

Discover more insights from Businessolver’s annual State of Workplace Empathy study. Gain a deeper understanding of the long-term issues that stem from the empathy gap, including employees feeling misunderstood, unappreciated, and seeking more empathetic organizations due to the return to office and misaligned DEIB initiatives. Fill out our form to download your copy. 

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2023 State of Workplace Empathy

Over the past eight years, our data has made it clear that empathy is critical to employee engagement, culture, and organizational success. But the data is showing us that, year over year, the empathy gap is only getting wider, and HR is stuck in the middle.

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