Businessolver Announces Latest Product Innovation through Technology Advancements Designed to Maximize Employee Engagement and Elevate ROI in Benefits Strategy

Posted on Monday, August 2, 2021

HR technology leader enhances its platform and services to meet unique benefits challenges facing employers in today’s demanding workforce

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (August 3, 2021)Businessolver®, a leader in SaaS-based benefits technology and services, today announced the latest enhancements and additions to its product suite, specifically designed to meet the unique human resource challenges brought forward by the dramatic shifts in the workforce over the past year including return to work challenges, monumental shifts in digital demand, and greater efficiency needs in HR/benefits administration for employers.

“Our latest product additions reflect the spirit of innovation that runs through all that we do, as well as strengthen the end-to-end benefits support we provide our clients as they work hard to drive results for their organizations under the unprecedented pressure created by the pandemic combined with a shift in digital demands from the upcoming majority workforce,” said Rae Shanahan, Businessolver’s Chief Strategy Officer. “These enhancements, which were rolled out throughout the first six months of 2021, address current human resource needs around return-to-work strategy for hybrid workforces and offer reinforced employee engagement tools to help employees better choose and use their benefits—no matter their work location.”

Vaccine Tracker adds greater transparency and peace of mind to return-to-work planning

As employers consider return-to-work policies amid the COVID-19 recovery, tracking individual employees’ vaccination status is an important piece of strategic planning. Businessolver’s Vaccine Tracker offers its clients a seamless and secure way to do that, by allowing them to track vaccine status in the same place as employees’ eligibility data, creating a convenient location to manage this important information. Through the deep communication framework embedded in Benefitsolver®, Businessolver clients can also help communicate to members the importance of updating their vaccine status and provide digital automated reminders through mobile app notifications, e-mail, text messaging, and user prompts upon login to do so.

Historical medical utilization integrated into MyChoice® Recommendation Engine drives more personalized plan recommendations

Although claims data is not always the best indicator of future health care spend, understanding how employees have previously used their medical benefits can be a valuable educational entry point to help employees understand the impact plan selection can have on their health care utilization and behavior. Businessolver added a new option within its decision support tool, the MyChoice Recommendation Engine, that allows historical claims utilization to be integrated into the overall benefits recommendations suggested for employees and their dependents during the benefits enrollment process. Not only does this enhancement help yield greater personalization in plan recommendations, but also allows employees the opportunity to understand how they are putting their benefits to use and if more cost-effective usage is possible.

MyChoice Find a Provider reduces confusion and adds convenience to accessing health care

In partnership with Amino®, a leading health care guidance platform, Businessolver added MyChoice® Find a Provider to its product offering, a health care navigation tool that allows employees to find and book high-quality, cost-effective medical care within Benefitsolver. Powered by Amino’s Smart Match technology, MyChoice Find a Provider seamlessly integrates with Benefitsolver, the MyChoice Mobile App, and Businessolver’s personal benefits assistant SofiaSM to guide employees toward informed health care decisions based on their condition, medical plan, and geographic location/preference. More often than not, driving greater health care consumerism begins with providing greater convenience. MyChoice Find a Provider creates a seamless opportunity for employees to find in-network providers and review cost coverage options from the same place in which they enroll in their benefits, an important tool ahead of next year’s transparency regulations.

Updated user interface for MyChoice Mobile App promotes mobile-first adoption in line with consumer tendencies and preferences

The average American spends more than 17 hours in front of a screen each day, including 4.5 hours on a smartphone—most of which is spent using apps. The average American smartphone user has close to 90 apps installed on their phone and uses almost 8 apps every day. Further, the increase in remote work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has surged daily screen time—now up to 19 hours since March 2020. Those statistics drive Businessolver’s continued investment in its mobile technology, including the latest release of a new user interface and dashboard for its MyChoice Mobile App. The updated dashboard uses consumer best practices and brings greater visibility to Businessolver’s personal benefits assistant Sofia.

Enhanced reporting for Sofia helps clients shape and shift benefits engagement strategies

Alongside continuous updates to its artificial intelligence capabilities, Businessolver recently upgraded the depth of reporting available to clients related to usage of its personal benefits assistant Sofia. This enhanced reporting includes important performance metrics that show Businessolver clients Sofia’s ability to resolve employees’ benefits questions via chats and calls any day, any time. More importantly, the new reporting includes engagement metrics for Sofia that aren’t available elsewhere—specifically how Sofia is able to mine thousands of conversations to provide the key insights into what an employee population is asking and how they are asking it. This leads to superior findings in how Businessolver clients can pivot engagement strategies throughout the year to meet employees’ needs.

“We’re honored to be a trusted partner for our clients during this incredibly challenging time, and want to repay that trust by giving them our very best in product innovation and exceptional service,” Shanahan said. “The additions and enhancements we’ve made to Benefitsolver in the first half of this year help bolster our clients’ ability to meet current workforce challenges as well as arm them with data to effectively plan for the future.”

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