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2018 State of Workplace Empathy

The Businessolver® State of Workplace Empathy Study, now in its third year, annually surveys U.S. employees, HR professionals, and CEOs to evaluate the state of empathy in American workplaces.

Empathy has solidified its position as a core workplace value that impacts culture, innovation, productivity, and profit

Eighty-seven percent of CEOs believe a company’s financial performance is tied to empathy in the workplace, as do 79 percent of HR professionals. Eight in 10 employees, HR professionals, and CEOs agree an empathetic workplace has a positive impact on business performance. In fact, majorities in all demographics of employees responded that empathy motivates workers and increases productivity.

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State of Workplace Empathy executive summary

Strengthening business for sustainable success.

While employees, HR pros, and CEOs all agree empathy is undervalued and must improve among U.S. businesses, a persistent — and growing — “empathy gap” still exists between CEOs and employees. That gap creates challenges in employee engagement, which ultimately affects the bottom line.

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State of Workplace Empathy overview

Data highlights from the study.

According to the 2018 state of workplace empathy study, empathy — understanding employees’ feelings and needs to create a better workplace experience is the key to not only driving employee engagement, but also retention and productivity.

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Market forecast:
being bullish on empathy garners results

Are you holding a strong enough position in empathy?

Empathy isn’t a touch-feely nice-to-have, it’s a bona fide business necessity. CEOs see the value, and they are ready to invest in a value that’s vital to the bottom line. 

See how CEOs feel about empathy, and how empathy can impact how employees feel about working and staying with an organization.

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