MyChoice® Market

Connecting your alternative workforce and alumni network to protections they need and deserve

Powered by Benefitsolver®, the MyChoice® Market is a unique health and wealth benefits boutique that provides employers with the opportunity to offer benefits to their employees in all transitions of life and work.

The workforce has changed.

Forty-year work anniversaries have become legend and alternative work arrangements, whether contract or part-time, are the new normal. Meanwhile Baby Boomers are retiring at an alarming rate. With these changes, employers need new and creative options for retaining talent and delivering on benefit expectations.

The MyChoice Market was inspired by a notion that individuals in today’s workforce need portable benefit options, unique to their aspirations and goals. Meanwhile, employers need solutions for delivering benefits to previously unsupported populations, creating a vehicle for retention without affecting their bottom line. Offering a fully-integrated solution and enrollment experience, the MyChoice Market meets these demands by providing coverages for a variety of lifestyles and situations, ensuring your entire workforce, no matter their benefits eligibility, has the coverage they need, to do what they love.

What the MyChoice Market means for you.

Retain talent

Increase the value you bring to your employees through affordable and portable benefit options.

Fully integrated

Manage and engage your entire population from one system.

Seamless transitions

No files, no data exchanges, everything is built in Benefitsolver for an experience you and your employees know and understand.

Increase engagement

With the MyChoice Market seamlessly embedded within Benefitsolver, you have unparalleled access to communicate with your entire workforce or alumni to ensure they have the benefits they need, to be happy and successful in all they do.

What the MyChoice Market means for your employees.

Competitive pricing

We thoughtfully procure and package the benefit offerings to drive value to your people beyond what they can get in the open/retail market.

Portable benefits

Your employees have access to the benefits they need, no matter where life may take them next.

Easy access

From hire to retire, MyChoice Market is an extension of the benefits program your workforce knows, with the education and tools built in to ensure they have access to the right benefits, at the right place, at the right time.

Designed for employees in all transitions of life and work

Your Alumni Network

Leaving a job is stressful, no matter the circumstance. With the MyChoice Market, you can give your alumni network seamless access to important benefits they can take with them when they leave. Help create a red-carpet offboarding experience. The flexible offerings and education in plans available, instills confidence as each individual starts the next chapter of their life.

The Alternative Workforce

All employees work hard to bring home their paycheck. Having access to affordable and varied coverages ensure they have protection to continue to do what they love. By providing your once ineligible benefit population, including part-time employees or contract workers, with security and assurance, you create a stronger, more confident workforce, that is more likely to continue to come back and grow with your company.

Your Pre-65 Retiree Population

Many people are choosing to leave the workforce before reaching 65, set them up for success in this next chapter by providing portable benefits that provide balance and security in their life. The MyChoice Market provides benefit options that allows pre-65 retirees to enjoy their Golden years without fear or uncertainty of what’s to come, while creating a positive offboarding experience that allows employers to continue to engage with their skilled and knowledged alumni.

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