Dedicated To Finding A Better Way

Wind your clock back to 1998 and recall a world filled with highly manual, paper-driven benefits processes. Hopefully that doesn’t send our HR partners into cold sweats. But it was in that environment that Businessolver opened its doors to address the day-to-day challenges of human resources and safety and risk management.

Even then, our business was focused on looking for a better way. By 2000, Benefitsolver — benefits administration technology owned and developed by Businessolver — was expanded to support Web-based benefits enrollment and administration. Our first implementation was for an 8,000-employee company. Since then, we’ve helped millions of employees educate themselves and enroll online.









We create technology that reinvents benefits - transforming the “Annual Enrollment Event” to a personal journey. Right Benefits - Right Time.

Delivering delight means making it right together.

Grow our business. Delight our clients.

Be the trusted advisor in the benefits industry.