Case Studies

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Building Better Benefits

Mission Accomplished for Large Global Contractor

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Digital Decoder: An HR Pro’s AI Glossary

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Hello, My Name is Sofia

Empathy Highlights Across America

Things You Don't Know About Health Literacy

Annual Enrollment Training Plan

2017 Workplace Empathy Monitor

ACA Reporting: Clear As Mud

The 1 Big Thing HR and Employees Have In Common


Solutions Sheets

Businessolver Services Overview

ACA Compliance SuiteSM Overview

A Service Center That Delights

MyChoiceSM Recommendation Engine

MyChoiceSM Mobile App

MyChoiceSM Market

MyChoiceSM Analytics

COBRA Administration

LiveKinnectSM Carrier & Vendor Integrations

Rethinking Voluntary: A Holistic Enrollment Experience

Pooled Group Solutions

Putting Flex in Administration




Beyond Binary: 3 Ways to Merge Humanity & Technology

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Annual Enrollment Boot Camp 2017

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Annual Enrollment Boot Camp

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One Wallet: The Evolution of Decision Support to Holistic Recommendation Engine

Cloud Schmoud: Can You Say Your Data's Safe?

The Affordable Care Act - Containing the Chaos

Technology Implementation: How to Live in Wedded Bliss with your Service Provider

Put a Ring on it: Getting Engaged to the Right Vendor

The Art of Conducting an RFP

White Papers

Health & Wellness: 5 Things Your Employees Aren't Telling You

AARP v. EEOC: 4 Things You Need to Know

Benefits Technology Buyers' Guide

Financial Feelings: What HR Needs to Know About Employees and Money

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Implementation | Recipe For Success

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